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  • Ιmplementation of investment opportunities in the healthcare sector.

  • Μanagement of investment funds in the healthcare sector.

  • Healthcare systems management.

  • Healthcare & Hospital supplies management.

  • Hospital planning and workflow design and development and execution.

  • Top level of product sourcing with optimized quality & price ratio.

  • Product portfolio development. Sales & distribution.

  • Market analysis and trends. Tendering.

  • Healthcare facilities design, development and management.

  • Tailored market planning to fit in your sales network.

  • Technical training and after sales support.

  • Used medical devices and spare parts supplies.

  • Preventive healthcare plans and programs tailored to your needs.


Briefly our portfolio

  • Hospital capital equipment.

  • Hospital disposables.

  • Active and non active medical devices.

  • POCT (point of care treatment ) devices.

  • Implants 

  • All surgical specialties instruments.

  • Endoscopy, Arthroscopy e.t.c.

  • Biological implants (human non human).

  • Bone grafts and related products.

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phone: +30 698 485 8843




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